Commissioned by University of the Arts Bremen
Visual Identity, Design and Development by TheGreenEyl, Frontend Programming by Romano Cassellini

Visual Identity, concept and web application for The Dynamic Archive.

The Dynamic Archive is a collaborative tool, a curated platform and a working collection at the same time.

Artists and designers provide The Dynamic Archive with their working methods and processes ( as notations, software, technical specifications, patterns, scores, tools, rules, texts, principles ), in order to make these resources available to others for use and further development. In the context of the Dynamic Archive these working methods and processes are referred to *components*.

Based on the idea of Luhmann's Zettelkasten (note box), components are maintained inside the archive and visitors can freely browse through the archive, finding new connections between different components and their sub-versions.

The Team behind the Dynamic Archive extrapolates components into the real-world, enabling different authors to meet with each other for the first time and discuss their own processes and thoughts.

Outside of the Digital, the Dynamic Archive Team regularly hosts events such as workshops, talks with artists and designers, exhibitions and also offers residencies to selected artists.

The Dynamic ArchiveThe Dynamic Archive