Visual identity for the 150th anniversary of the architecture department at MIT, spanning across print, web, motion and exhibitions. The source for the design was the archive of the department and all the projects, publications and images the individuals and the institution have produced. The archival material is graphically juxtaposed, creating new connections across time and space.

Commissioned by MIT Architecture
Concept & Design by TheGreenEyl and E Roon Kang
Exhibition design by Ibanez Kim
The visual design extends across the exhibition Drawing, Designing, Thinking: 150 Years of Teaching Architecture at MIT at the MIT Museum. It includes the titles and typography across five zones.
A centerpiece is a timeline that charts the 150 year history of the architecture department. It lists professors, deans and department heads, enrollment numbers as well as significant department events. The timeline was created using Google Sheets and P5 and a custom bin packing algorithm, then printed on a 30 foot canvas.

MIT Architecture 150MIT Architecture 150