Connective Field is an exploration of the potential of the canopy of the Manetti Shrem Museum. Under the porous surface of the aluminum plate, a mysterious sequence of drawings are activated by the movement and perspective of the viewer looking through the louvers. Different representations of activities are taken from the expertise developed at the university and, like in the real life museum plaza, happen mid-air, suspended in the space between the ground and the canopy.
The Zone is the second installation for the opening of the Manetti Shrem Museum. A quote from Tarkovsky's Stalker is printed on the wall with light-reactive ink. Three flashlights turn on, one after another. With each exposure a different section of the text is illuminated, clearly visible for a short period time, only to fade away again. After the text fades away the process begins again, in an endless cycle.

Connective FieldConnective Field